Join a growing Association of Innovation Professionals

We are young, growing rapidly and have a database of over 600 professionals who have expressed an interest in the organisation. This is the only association in New Zealand with a specific focus on new product development and innovation management, that is linked to a global association with a wealth of resources and about 3000 members. Becoming a member of the PDMA (Product Development & Management Association of New Zealand) entitles members to a range of benefits including:

  • FREE access to PDMA-NZ events (non members pay $25, the membership pays for itself after four!)

  • Access to all resources through PDMA-NZ and PDMA Global

  • Favourable rates for overseas conferences and meetings of the international PDMA

  • FREE subscription to the Journal of Product Innovation Management (JPIM), the leading professional journal devoted to new products, published six times a year (on-line access only for student members)

  • Access to a network of professionals and developers who will share your experiences

  • Discounted fee for the New Product Development Professional (NPDP) Certification application and examination

  • Complete access to all levels of the PDMA Body of Knowledge, a disciplined, organised and thorough distillation of new product development concepts, research and best practices

  • Information on the latest tools, processes, and best practices of product development

Membership Rates

  • Individual membership: $100 NZD annual subscription

  • Academic membership: $60 NZD annual subscription

  • Corporate membership: 10% discount for 3 or more PDMA-NZ members from the same company

  • Student membership: FREE!

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Note: When joining up online, please enter ‘New Zealand’ under country. The system will only apply the discount if the applicant selects New Zealand from the drop down menu on the application.

Enjoy the benefits of both PDMA and PDMA-NZ!