PDMA-NZ Launch Event - Auckland - 6th November 2007

Evidence of the growing interest in product development and the need for an organization that focused specifically on product innovation & management was demonstrated by the attendance of over 90 participants. An emphasis was placed on networking within a friendly atmosphere. The guest speaker was Rod Oram, a well-respected journalist and commentator on New Zealand business and the economy. A quiz, based on New Zealand product innovation, gave an opportunity for participants to have some fun while a local jazz band created a relaxed and convivial atmosphere.

Feedback Form Results:

  • It is clear that people enjoyed the launch function (100% positive response!)
  • Most people (76%) prefer a newsletter emailed to them once in 2 or 3 months.
  • 68% would be interested in a Conference, plus 28% are ?maybes'. At a price of up to $600. 64% interested in a half-day workshop.
  • 96% willing to pay ~$10-15 for networking events (for non-members, members free), held quarterly (51%).
  • 77% willing to help support PDMA-NZ (yes+maybe), and sponsor 65% (yes+maybe).

Sample Feedback:

  • "That was a great presentation. I've heard Rod on many occasions and this was truly a superb presentation by him - he's always very good but this was exceptional."
  • "Mixed cross-industry attendees, guest speaker, seating order and quiz - nice touch!"
  • "Format and turnout"
  • "Structured but casual interaction"
  • "Information, entertainment and networking blend"

PDMA-NZ Launch Event - Christchurch - 20th February 2008

Another well attended event with over 60 participants, showing that Christchurch is a real innovation hub.