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The Vision of PDMA New Zealand is:

Be a force behind New Zealand's sustainable growth through
enhancing product innovation capability and effectiveness


  • Promoting the importance of product innovation for sustainable growth at company and national level

  • Developing product innovation capabilities, processes and practices

  • Providing access to "best practice" knowledge and experience in product innovation through national and international networking and collaboration

  • Promoting the networking of product development professionals to enable exchange of knowledge and experience

Effective product innovation practices are critical to New Zealand's capacity for innovation and global competitiveness.

The timing is right for such an initiative to be established.

  • It has a unique focus on product development and innovation management

  • It provides opportunities locally and access to international resources

  • There is now new thinking and more evidence of the value of product innovation to success and growth.

PDMA-NZ aims to facilitate links between people and organisations that have knowledge and expertise on product innovation.  It provides access to the latest international resources to help keep up with new thinking and world-class practices and integrate them into their (and the firm's) performance for success and growth.

The Product Development and Management Association of New Zealand (PDMA-NZ) is the New Zealand affiliate of the global Product Development and Management Association (PDMA).  For a list of other affiliates, click here.

With over 30 years of experience and some 3,000 members across 24 US chapters and 7 international chapters, the global PDMA network provides excellent professional development, networking and learning opportunities for innovation professionals. 

Building on this professional network and global reach, PDMA-NZ is establishing itself as a local organisation on topics of innovation and as a result, is uniquely positioned to help make a significant contribution to product innovation in New Zealand.

"Innovative thinking and effective product development practices can help raise the innovation potential of New Zealand"